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Links4All to share with any individual, group or country who will cooperate/collaborate to work together for What The World Needs Now: CELEBRATION OF ONENESS



African Views Radio Show: 

Home    MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS (MDGs)    AV-Radio Programs   MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS:    Mentoring and Partnerships: Building Bridges for Peace - Summary in one word: EMPOWERMENT.  CLICK! for transcriptCLICK! to listen to the show.


ABC4All in a Nutshell:  Global Relief Distribution
INVITATION to any individual, group, nonprofit, NGO, country:  "This is the beginning of regional integration of the youth of the world." --Ibrahim Bangura, Sierra Leone.
VIDEO: Keynote Address by ABC4All Partner/Mentor Ron Ario, Founder, WORLD PEACE 2012  "I commend you Cote d'Ivoire for being a spark of light to connect to the world." 

Keynote speeches as pay per view:  Cost:  $4.99 (benefiting ABC4All / TerraLucent (501(c)3 registered nonprofit) programs for Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR)!  Every Day is GHRD™  This video will be available to watch by anyone at anytime for 4 months (November 6, 2012). www.worldintercomtechnologies.com


You can watch GHR Preview Videos at WorldTV's ABC4All Channel! http://worldtv.com/abc4all/